About Us


Aries Cargo Logistics was founded in 2009 in Miami Fl, in response to the requirements of a group of the Oil & Gas companies who required immediate service, compliance, updated information and reasonable costs that would allow them to fulfill their commitments to deliver of materials, equipment and tools in Colombia.

Due to the satisfaction for the high quality service received, these clients were referencing us with their clients and suppliers in Colombia and United States, who entrusted their freight to us. In 2011 Aries Cargo Logistics S.A.S. is officially founded in Colombia, expanding its portfolio of services to clients from different sectors such as Energy, Agro-industry, Construction, Yellow Machinery, Technology, among others, to whom in 2012 we began to provide complementary logistics services that currently fully cover their international supply chain, In addition to providing a door-to-door service with very high levels of compliance, thus achieving the satisfaction of our customers.

To be the strategic ally of large Colombian companies, providing real solutions in the international logistics supply chain, with a high level experience, knowledge, quality and safety standards; For this we have a competent, trustworthy and committed human team with which we can achieve our promise to the client and also to be focused on reducing costs, delivery times and contributing to the growth of our clients.

To be the integral response to the great Colombian companies in international logistics services, promoting security, prosperity and growth in the organizations that trust in our services.

  • Fully meet the service expectations of those who place their international logistics operations in our hands, supporting them with knowledge, planning and strategy in each project assigned to us, in focus of the full satisfaction of our customers.
  • Keep high quality standards and safety in our supply chain by involving our business associates in the same direction to comply with internal legal and security guidelines that promote safe international trade.
  • Constantly provide our clients with clear, truthful and timely information regarding their shipments, preventing probability of errors in the logistics chain, delivering their products at established times and in perfect condition.
  • Expand our logistics services seeking greater national coverage through international strategic alliances that contribute to maintaining our standards, achieving the profitability goals of our partners.
  • Preserve a competent and committed work team as the basis of our internal structure, keeping policies with a satisfied and trained staff is the pillar of the company and thus comply with our policies and commitments to our client.