• We are logistics provider for several companies in the Oul & Gad sector in Colombia and United States, to whom we provide a first-class comprehensive logistics service. These companies trust us with all their international purchases because they know that we always give our best so that imports reach their final destination in perfect condition, on time and without ovecost. We can support your purchasing planning, documents for government entities such as DCCA, Indumil, Min Minas, Min Ambiente, Min Comercio, Servicio Geológico Colombiano, among other.

We are experts in the complete international logistics services for explosive and radioactive material. We are able to pick up your products in the warehouse of your supplier in Origin, move it to Colombia, clearance and delivery with full local coverage.

We have a high experience to import all kind of technical equipment, tools, spare parts, consumables, batteries and special trucks. We make the import process easier by relying on our team of technicians and professionals in the oil sector and logistics.

Import of Trucks and Special Vehicles

Import of Machinery and Equipment

Cannon and Pipe Import

We are able to support you from the management of documentation, permits and licenses for ICA and other related entities, to supply logistics with delivery of organic, inorganic material, agricultural machinery, spare parts and special equipment to any place in the country.

We know perfectly all the handling of fertilizers and products that are used to enrich agricultural soils regardless of volume.

Our warehouse in Miami Florida is able to process your orders with independent reporting for each delivery, we can store your orders, separate, repack and consolidate shipments to Colombia and Latin America.

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